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Re: Gokyo-why?

Jakob Blomquist wrote:
Wrist lock? How do you get this to a lock? For me it's more a wrist/forearm control.. There is no twisting motion on the wrist in gokyo when I do it (I mean it's like ikkyo but with the wrist hand under the wrist, palm up, compared with over the wrist palm down.). Maybe in the end of a knife disarm where one pushes the wrist down to the mat and lift the elbow (kind of chicken-wing like). Is this what you mean?

Gokyo - sometimes called ude nobashi (i.e. arm stretching)

it is is a wrist lock because if you have your hand placed so that the middle finger is placed along the line where the uke's hand and wrist meet you can tilt your hand and imobilise their hand (it can also be quite painful if you have a strong grip!) this is very useful for stopping them 'waggling' the knife about (their wrist is effectively locked in one immovable posistion!
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