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Edward - I grew up with the Aikido Association of America as well, so I know what you mean when you describe the "figure 8 kokyunage".

I visited a dojo once and had the opportunity to teach some techniques, the figure 8 is what I taught. Everyone thought it was iriminage, but after I explained/showed them the difference, they understood. I tell people that when we do iriminage, we step through uke's center, taking their balance and when we perform the figure 8 kokyunage we are not actually stepping through uke's center, but rather stepping back away from uke which while controlling the uke's head causes uke's balance to move rearward in a rotational manner.

The nicest thing was when I visited the same dojo a few weeks later, they were practicing the figure 8 kokyunage I taught them

p.s. I checked out your site, it's pretty nice. I raced bikes to (kawasaki) but now I'm between bikes

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