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Re: Poll: Are you ever bored during aikido class?

Paige Frazier wrote:
So i like to compare this to writing our A's in kindergarten. We learn to write an A so that later we can learn to write "cat" or "hat" or bigger words like "amphibian" what have you.
And since im not in kindergarten anymore, if someone was to say to me , "Get out your pencil and start writing A's" hmmm ... yeah that would be boring and almost pointless.
I would hazard a guess that a calligrapher finds value spent in hours working on "A", a weapons instructor on shomen cuts, and a musician on scales or runs; I certainly find value as a seamstress in working on, say, miters....and for a person chosing to devote time and energy to train in aikido, there would always be SOMEthing "work on" in any given technique.

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