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Re: Practicing perceiving other energy?

It's always interesting in these sorts of threads to see how people respond and what they respond to. I used the word I used precisely because it accurately conveys how people often respond to their own experiences.

I 100% guarantee that I could find and convince people that I have precognitive / supernatural abilities. I couldn't do this with everyone or maybe even most people but I could do it with enough people, eventually, to fill a small dojo with em. Don't believe me? Ask yourself how many people pony up money to Jeane Dixon....or ponied up to Mesmer...

Now imagine you are a new aikido student and you walk into my dojo. I'm sitting there with students flinging themselves through the air as if by magic (been there, seen it, done it myself, more than once) but you ain't getting it. So do we do that student any service whatsoever by feeding him more nonsense about being sensitive, or, do we call it straight for what it almost certainly is? I think we do a student a grave disservice if we do anything else.

Secondly, just because people are bullshitting themselves doesn't make them bad. Human beings are notorious self-bullshitters to such a degree that we should trust our experiences substantially less than we do. Which hits to the crux of the problem and the solution. Any teacher claiming to be able to do what this guy was claiming ought to be able to do it under more substantive and rigorous situations than a dojo. If all he can do is that bullshit mentioned by the original poster he's got nothing even worth discussing because it's a truly lame expression of ability totally lacking in even basic controls.

Thirdly, on the near precognitive abilities, please don't mistake skill for magic. I've played basketball with top-flight players and they flat-out see things before I do. They did it, frankly, because they were just better than I am, and played more than I did. While it can seem like magic, skill is simply skill, and very highly skilled individuals often perform at such a level that it seems like magic.

Also, I'm all for awareness practices but don't purport that it's, oh I don't know, ki shooting out fingertips, when it can be explained in many other far more likely ways. An open mind wouldn't rush to the assumption that it's ki moving those people but rather would engage in a rigorous examination of the process the likes of which this guy's instructor, and just about any believer, wouldn't dream of doing. By the way, I can't remember this sort of thing ever being tested this way in the context of a dojo environment.

Back to work...

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