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Re: Poll: Are you ever bored during aikido class?

Janet Rosen wrote:
Any technique can be reduced to that simplistic, mechanistic level if that is all you are looking for.

Well, its sometimes good to reduce techniques to a simplistic, mechanistic level even if thats not all you're looking for.

My sensei has said before that techniques like kokyu nage aren't really meant to be a realistic approach to self-defense. They may just be for practicing movement and footwork to improve other techniques that really are effective.

So i like to compare this to writing our A's in kindergarten. We learn to write an A so that later we can learn to write "cat" or "hat" or bigger words like "amphibian" what have you.

And since im not in kindergarten anymore, if someone was to say to me , "Get out your pencil and start writing A's" hmmm ... yeah that would be boring and almost pointless.

So you see to go back and work on things that are essentially very simplistic no matter how u look at it, yes that can be boring to me. Of course, its always good to review , but like i said reviewing for an entire class can be redundant.

But again, we dont do this often so im really not bored very often.

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