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What I have been taught/told:

Irimi nage - Entering Throw

That "figure 8" kokyunage has simliar leads to the irimi, although not as pronounced.

When we do out irimi we really cut uke's elbow down, and reach behind to the non attacking shoulder and take uke's balance so much so that uke has to support himself with his attacking hand to keep from falling face first into the ground. Of course if uke just goes to the ground here, keep hold of his gi by the shoulder, and as uke stands up, control him under the chin with unbendable arm. Reverse C step uke "around" you all the while raising the chin higher. At this point it can still become a kokyunage in our dojo by redirecting the head, taking ukes balance rotationally. To make it irimi nage at this point - uke should be starting to bend backwards from the hips. Nage should be facing uke perpendicularly and to complete the iriminage move your center forward through uke's center. Uke does yoko ukemi (side breakfall). Repeat until sore. Colleen - for you shorter people, the hand that was controlling the shoulder, slide it down to where the back meets the butt, and push uke's center forward (the way uke is facing - not nage) increasing the arch of uke's back, and taking balance even more. Then move your center thru uke? Make sense? If not...Magma and I will film tonight and I will post on the web a link to the movie file.

...then again, that's just me.
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