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Re: Shodokan, Tomiki, Aikikai?

My God lets all make up things that sound good.

Chuck is generally right about Waseda. Shodokan dogma was that Tomiki was toying with the idea before hand but I do think the imputus came from Waseda's requirement. Untill that time Tomiki was teaching Aikido to Judo guys on the side so it never became an issue. A non-competivie Aikikai club (remember Tomiki never stopped being a member of Aikikai) was started soon after.

The Sho of Shodokan is the same as the Sho of Showa, the name of the last emperor. It is also related to the name where his Honbu dojo was founded - the Showacho district of Osaka. Sho means enlightened, Do path, Kan place.

Peter Rehse Shodokan Aikido
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