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Re: Wow, back and sore

"Unkemi"? That's great!

That gets my imagination going... How 'bout:

"runkemi" where uke doesn't fall, he just runs it out across the mat

"pukemi" too much, too fast

"punkemi" is what you have to take for that smartass newbie with something to prove (also called "newkemi")

"skunkemi" when uke did not wash his gi

"funkemi" will be understood only by George Clinton fans

"viewkemi" when uke has ripped his pants, or a female has a wardrobe malfunction

"stun-kemi" when you land on your head

"phewkemi" tacos for lunch

"chewkemi" when you bite your tongue

"flewkemi" is a particularly aerial breakfall

"roo-kemi" practiced primarily in Austrailia

"blacknbluekemi" needs no explanation

There MUST be more.... Any contributions?

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