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Re: Religion and Aikido

Erick Mead wrote:
"Religere" is the Latin root, which means "to bind together." That is what religion does -- it binds individuals to one another in a way that both celebrates the fact of individuality while diminishing the pain of separateness.

Is religion not more about 'binding' ourselves to God/Source (and the question of origin, purpose, etc) than 'binding' ourselves to each other? Yes, church binds the people together but I see religion is the linking of God/Source to the individual.

Christianity posits one such explanation. Outlining Jesus as *The* way.

Aikido (even the words Ai Ki and Do) seems to posit another explanation. *This* way seems to provide a *way* or path to union with Ki (understood as *The* Source) or Aiki. If that's the heart of it, then Aikido would be seen as a religious practice, no?

What u say?

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