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Re: aikido practice

Mary Eastland wrote:
I go to class no matter what my head is telling me. I always feel better after I get there.
Yes! although in the past my head used to win the argument rather more often! Particularly so in winter... A late night session after a long day at work when it's snowing or you have to chip ice off the car after only an hour and a half...

To answer the original poster: I think passion is sometimes meant as something that always makes you happy which isn't always the case.
In the past Aikido (or rather my ability at it) has made me soooo MAD and still does occasionally. I was all left feet and thumbs. Stepping on peoples toes and just getting really frustrated and angry. I kept going though because, deep in the sub-conscious somewhere, I knew that Aikido was worth the effort. For quite a while I wasn't having much fun at all in Aikido but I, to quote Churchill , kept "bu**ering on" because I knew things would improve and that most of the problems were inside my head (naturally very self critical and impatient etc).

I discovered it was worth the effort. I still step on toes and land on my head and finish a throw by nearly toppling over and sitting on uke but I'm significantly less angry about it!

I think passion can sometimes come from just knowing that something is worth it even if it's occasionally a struggle and doesn't have you singing from the roof tops.

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