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Re: Newbie stuff...

Ivan Darch wrote:
Hi, I am quite new to Aikido (5th Kyu) and would like help with the following...

1) When the sensei claps for us to kneel down and watch and my gi is coming apart can I neaten it while I watch him or should I wait until we next get up?
The usual practice at my dojo is to turn your back to shomen and quickly adjust your gi, but don't take forever doing it.

2) Should I bow to the Shomen when I leave the mat? Only one of the aikidoists (sorry if I made that word up) do this, but we all bow when we leave the dojo and when we enter the dojo AND the mat.
Find out what your supposed to do in your dojo. We do a standing bow to the mat, then step on mat do a kneeling bow to the shomen. When stepping off most people do just a standing bow. Not many people bow at the door as we walk in and out, not even sensei. Although some do. But then again, my dojo isn't very strict.
3) The whole blending thing... is this something I will get with time, coz at the moment I can't get it at all
It is something you will get with time, but only if you keep working at it.
4) What should I do if someone hold my wrists so tight when practising a technique that I can't move them?
Ask them for help. I.e., "what am I doing wrong?" If they don't know then ask them to loosen up their grip some so you can practice the form of the technique. My experience is that most people will be able to help you.

Anne Marie Giri
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