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Re: Miyako Fujitani DVD's

Mike, I own the DVD's and I've watched them TWICE. There wasn't anything there that I have not seen before, nor anything that would make me want to watch them over and over. I think a lot of the claims as to the "special" content is hype, because they make no money if nobody buys the DVD's. Bottom line: They didn't sparkle and they didn't suck...

Chris, I'm not surprised that there is a lot of talk about Seagal, since the reasoning for writing the book is probably the same as the DVD's: to make money. Seagal is her "hook". Frankly, I think that a ranking Aikido sensei should be above bad-mouthing her ex in print, even if he might deserve it. Japanese females in particular are usually more discreet; personal relationships are just that... personal, and not to be used as cannon fodder. I haven't seen anything to indicate that a translation of the book is available, but if you discover that there is one, try and find out how I can get a copy. Thanks.
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