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To fit a rigorous training schedule; Jogging daily, strength training every other day, and matrial training daily, what kinds of foods should I be looking for ?

Basically so far my diet is like this:

A (big)bowl or two of cherios or corn flakes and some orange juice, sometimes ill have a bagel or eggs

For work I am usually on the road alot so I stop at little luch places around the towns I am in. so anything thats on the menu usually Chicken parmesian, pork cutlet, maybe a turkey sub things like that.

This ones tough.
Spagetti, a sandwich, chicken etc...

Some background on me
I am Twenty Two years old and have allways been active. I have been involved in martial arts since about eight years old, but they were at those kenpo dojo's that didnt teach much other that getting a belt whenever my parents made a few payments. Later my family didnt have the extra money to spend so I started work at Fourteen and paid my way. I couldnt afford to keep going the way I was so I learned to be frugal. I would take advantage of the speacials that dojos would offer. Buy two months get the third free (new students only) so I went from dojo to dojo trying to get as much training as I could for my limited money. Any extra funds I had went into buying books (spiritual books mainly) I was going through a time of spiritual exploration.
So with influence from a lot of different styles, and alot of different spiritual influence I was looking for a more serious dojo, but couldnt find what I was looking for.

I have been working full time for two years and not having much time to spend on training, or anything for that matter. But now I have made a decision that 40 hours a week is enough, no more 60+ I need the time to myself

So I did some research, and found that there was an Aikido school in boston. Great ! From the phillosophy alone I love Aikido. And started to train again but have found that I really need to eat properly

The above diet is what I am eating now (I am too embarrased to post what I was eating before !)
Is there anything that I am missing ? I am ignorant twards nutrition
Any help would be appreciated

Thank you

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