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Re: Aikido and Target Focus Training

For reference one police report "story" that is often brought up (no I can't refer to the original source right now) and it goes something like this:
Call on domestic disturbance or the like, cops arrive there is one guy choking another from the front. They break the guys up, the "choked" guy is brought to hospital with injuries to trachea, the other seems okay. However when questioned half an hour later he starts puking and fainting, also taken to the hospital and when examined they discover he has been kneed to the groin multiple times, one testicle smashed the other in ...abdominal loculus (sp?).

HOWEVER good one is. One still might get hit. One's techniques MIGHT not work. If you are not used to that and do not practice this way... then well... your training situation is too different from what might actually happen.

I have some friends who used to try different forms of Wing Chun on different levels. That was also quite much on relying on constantly hitting accurate targets and rendering the opponent uncapable to continue fighting. Strikes to solar plexus, groing, eyes, knees etc... All of them practice boxing, wrestling and bjj now.

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