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Re: Aikido and Target Focus Training

Let's see a "spinal reflex" I meant does not sound okay to me in this context. However we might agree it's a word game.

Mike - why do you take me as a troll I've been around these forums for years and it has witnessed my development as a martial artist.

I said MOST effective to END a fight. I did not say there ARE no OTHER ways to also PROBABLY make most people quit fighting. Broken ankle and ripped off testicles (lol... how many naked men are you planning to fight? maybe if you made some bad choices before that?) might be one of them. Just I think there can be made hierarchy about the effectiveness and how easy something is pulled off. E.g. a broken wrist is superior to a broken finger. A dislocated shoulder is superior to both. A dislocated knee is superior of dislocated shoulder but a leglock might be too risky in SD situation. A knockout result is about the same as RNC but harder to achieve one-on-one. However would I want to go for a RNC in a certain situation? Etc etc...

And I'm sorry but what did you mean by that? "Let's see,next you suggest that there is no merit in wrestling,boxing,muay thai and bjj.Just wondering if you've ever been involved in any of these disciplines or is Aikido the be all and end all in your one dimensional world."

Like WHAT? I practice all of those arts - quit Aikido after 6 years for them. My ADVICE for Kristian was to TRY these and then rethink about TFT. The "despised" was added before "sport" because of the many people's attitudes in this forum and ALSO in the TFT webpage.

I do not have a problem with people earning money, I have a problem with people earning money while lying too much and building false confidence in other people. ("too much" is my personal inner criteria).

As I said I don't have the chance to try out TFT. HOWEVER I am most sure that a system practiced only in cooperative enviroment will take people from zero to nowhere. That's why "Kano's revolution" was so great and that's why Kano's judoka kicked jiu-jitsu guys arses no matter what the rules were. One must sacrifice "deadly" techniques for uncooperative practice for some extent. After one is proficient with uncooperative "sparring" it easy easy to add them again to the "delivery system" that has been built in alive enviroment.

Example (which might go for Kristian as he has practiced boxing):
One can teach a boxer to fingerjab or thumb someone in the eye in like 15 minutes. After couple of hrs practice I'm sure a boxer with 5+ years experience could probably poke my eye.
However take an "ordinary" person, teach him how to fingerjab or thumb someone in the eye, practice it for a couple of days and I am quite sure I could beat him by whatever I want without getting poked in the eye once.
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