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Re: Aikido and Target Focus Training

I'm not sure I'd interpret the saying in exactly the same way. With its roots in swordwork I consider this to relate to the attitude of Nage. The technique is decisive and one single motion. Now, this could just as easily be a strike - and if it is, it is not a combination of strikes but a single, perfectly coordinated and perfectly timed, strike. As in sword work, blows are not 'exchanged'; there is only one chance. Also, it infers this positivity and this desire to enter and dominate - however it is done through a path of least resistance.

I believe this saying also relates to other saying of his e.g. 'the victor is decided from the moment of contact' and 'as soon as the enemy thinks of attacking he is defeated'. It is this immediacy and complete reading of the situation such that, at the point of engagement and simultaneous movement, you attack from the correct location and with perfect timing. I have found practically that the first and most important part of aikido for me is the unbalancing (physically or psychologically) at the first instant of attack - everything else is just there to continue that inital motion and prevent re-establishment of uke.

Unlike the movies, a top martial artist would never be hit because they would realise that one strike could kill.

P.S. no I have not done TFT, but I agree with the principles and think it is very important to understand these to appreciate aikido.

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