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mike valentine
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Re: Aikido and Target Focus Training


I totally agree,tft is all about accuracy hence the name "Target=place to hit Focus=make sure you actually hit the precise point Training=practice,practice,practice".I'm a firm believer in practice does not make perfect rather perfect practice makes perfect.The thing is that no matter how fast you hit unless you cause an injury you may as well be sparring,someone only wins a fight after a injury has been inflicted.Knowing where to strike is more important than doing it quickly.If you saw Bernard Hopkins defeat Oscar Dela Hoya with a single liver shot you will understand what i'm saying,nothing really happened untill the "injury" occurred,then the fight was over.

Thanks for your thoughts.

Mike V

P.s i've been hitting a bag and focus mitts since i was 10,have trained with and sparred 2 world champion boxers (Jeff Fenech and Kostya Tsyzu)when it comes to hitting a target i'm more than capable,tft just gave me some new tools to use the same as the 6 years of Aikido has.
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