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Like someone said, I'd like to know which kokyu nage you are talking about---when I first started I asked a senior student the name of a tehcnique we'd just been showed. He thought for a while (it was a new one to him, too, Sensei was going all out that night to stretch our minds); then he said "well, it is probably kokyu nage...if you can't think of any other name to give it, it is usually kokyu nage"...

I have trained in a style that does not seem to give any technique an irimi nage name, but puts in in with all the other kokyu nages (they give more specific names besides kokyu nage, to differentiate them all). It looks the same except it lacks the final step behind uke at the end and (to my beginners sense) there is more of a downward vector to the throw (since you did not take the step, your leg is not in the way and uke ends up at your feet). I find them equally difficult , and not only because I will occasionally mix up and take a step when I shouldn't, or not step when I should.

They also both seem to test my ability to remember way too many things at once---connect closely to uke, make myself a stable, upright center of the turn, be patient enough to let uke come all the way around the turn (a real lack on my part), don't let my arm get ahead of my center, the transition of the circle from horizontal to vertical....sigh, my brain is too little. Maybe kokyu nage was easier because you'd already worked out some bugs on irimi nage...but I'm glad you find at least one that is working for you. Now the trick will be getting that to translate back into irimi nage. I'm still on that endless quest to find a way to do either.
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