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Kristian Miller-Karlsen
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Re: Aikido and Target Focus Training

Hello Matt,

Thanks for your response. You train with Barrish sensei? He is a friend of my old Aikido teacher Mclean sensei. Small world (made smaller by the internet)!

As far as someone getting amped up by a kick to the groin....... hmmmm.... He must have nuts of steel!

The notion of a spinal reflex, and the way it is taught in TFT, is that there is a 'base minimum' response. True, some people do have a higher pain threshold than others. All that means is, after the injury has happen and the spinal reflex is over, they are able to cope with the residual pain left behind after the fact better than someone with a low pain threshold. They are still injured. This is moot however because once you get a spinal reflex you don't stop. You keep going on, hitting more targets or doing a technique until the attacker is left non-functional. Esentially the spinal reflex 'takes their centre'.

Edwin. Thanks for your post too. I have already had plenty of training from 'big hitters'. I can throw a punch pretty well. It's more about the targeting. Some people say: "If you hit anything hard enough it dies!" True, but for me thats not really the point.

Thanks guys. Keep it coming.


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