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Re: Aikido and Target Focus Training

I've never trained in that specific program, but from what I've read (I know experiencing things first-hand is always preferable) it seems the system you're describing is essentially already a part of "good" Aikido. That's a rather simplistic way for me to put it perhaps, but from my own perspective that seems correct. I'd say it's probably quite healthy to cross-reference whatever you're learning with other paradigms of training though.
It sounds like an issue being brought up in this thread is what kinds of responses are reasonable to expect. Pressure points, for example are a measurable phenominon, but different people respond differently to pain. Some people feel the pain but retain a considerable amount of self-control in how they react to it. The groin kick will make one man collapse and amp another one up. Similarly, with the idea of making your opponant angry so he becomes less focused: in the past, making me angry has only served to sharpen my focus. Perhaps these ideas don't really address your post, and if that's the case I appologize, but either way I'm curious about your thoughts regarding what I've just written.
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