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Kristian Miller-Karlsen
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Re: Aikido and Target Focus Training


Just so you know. A 'spinal reflex' is the bodies response to trauma/injury which is not governed by the conscious mind. eg. when you touch something really hot with your hand without knowing and your hand jerks away automatically. Make sense to you?

TFT principles, despite being trained in a co-operative fashion (just like many Aikido dojos practice) are sound and I believe them to be effective.

An experiment you could try is this Jorgen: Ask a friend to kick you in the testicles as hard as they can and get them to document the spinal reflex which occurs. Then, after you have recovered(which might be a few days), get them to do it again and compare the result...... I'm just messing with you. I know you are tired but just humor me!

The issue is not about if TFT principles work (because I know they do). The issue is: Has anyone in the Aikido community got any practical experience in TFT (or something similar) and feel it can be applied to Aikido practice? If there is can they share it here on this forum. *please read my initial post. Is there anyone here with an informed opinion on my original questions.

I'm looking for an honest informed answer to my honest questions.


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