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Re: How do I wear Aikido Gi Pants?

I have a pair where the pants didn't shrink much but the drawstring did! It looks really stupid, but fortunately it's under my gi jacket.... I think I will take that drawstring out and put in elastic.

My only advice is, tie the pants adequately tight while you are in the dressing room as it can be difficult to adjust them when you're on the mat, and having your pants fall off in mid-ukemi is to be avoided.

Oh, another piece of advice: don't put your gi in the wash with anything that's not colorfast, because pale-pink gi are really embarrassing. They soak up dye very well and it is hard to remove.

Bu Jin sells elastic-waist gi pants if you decide the whole drawstring thing is not for you. I love them but they are a bit expensive.

Mary Kaye
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