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Re: Aikido and Target Focus Training

Let's keep our discussion about TFT here... The other thread is way off... everything

Anyway. No I have not practiced TFT.

I'm not only talking about attitude on the website. As you described it and as the website described it - (Let me try and explain TFT. Put simply it is a method of selecting specific targets on the human body, and by striking them in specific ways, elicit a specific trauma/ spinal reflex in response. Essentially this means that you can hit a target and get a base minimum response/spinal reflex from the person you hit 100% of the time. This is trained in a similar way to which we train Aikido (uke-nage relationship) with each person practicing hitting the other at very slow speeds (so as not to hurt their training partner) while the person being hit practices giving the correct spinal reflex.)

This YELLS "fake" to me. We have totally cooperative practice. Which is proved to be non-efficent and with poor convertability to uncooperative situation (a fight). We have some mambo-jambo about spinal reflexes - never seen a pressure point guy pull something on someone who is NOT their student. Also "special spinal reflex" is something that sounds very weird - I'm not a doctor but I've taken some physiology/anatomy courses in uni (studying psychology). THEN we have the 100% killing. This is a world of probability we live in. Any martial artist putting up something like that is a scam.

I feel a little sorry that I'm too tired to be more argumented or polite. But my advice:

Take some lessons in a much despised "sport" art. Wrestling, boxing, muay thai or "the gayest sport there is - BJJ"
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