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Re: Poll: Are you ever bored during aikido class?


I understand your points from the teacher's viewpoint. I have been a teacher, in many ways, for a long time and I always strive to keep students' attention and engage in a connection that is alive, vital, and tinted with humor as much as possible. I think teachers can get bored as well. Boredom just isn't acceptable to me on either side of the student/teacher relationship. Hell, boredom at any time, to me, is a terrible waste of breaths that we'll never get back. Boredom is what comes after we lose interest in one thing and then can't or refuse to focus our attention on something at hand that isn't boring. I think it is a choice that often becomes habit. Lots of understandable reasons and or things to blame it on, but the responsibility is ours. Every breath we take is one less... I just don't want to waste any if I can help it.

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