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Re: Shodokan, Tomiki, Aikikai?

Sara Parson wrote:
Yes but why did the name Tomiki Aikido stick, I am a Judoka And we don't call it Kano Judo.
I wonder why that happened.
My understanding of it is this:

Its probably because Tomiki K began developing his ideas well before the "split" with the Aikikai. I guess people started to talk about "Tomiki Aikido" as a shorthand for "that stuff that Tomiki is doing", but the man himself didn't regard it as anything other than just plain "Aikido" so resisted giving it a name (and definitely disapproved of people using his own name that way).

It was only when the Shodokan dojo was founded that the style acquired a name - the name of its honbu dojo.

No doubt Peter will be along shortly to correct my shaky history.

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