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Edwin Neal
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Question aikido practice

I have, as most probably, questioned the reasons for, and seriousness of, my practice of aikido. I read something that got me started to thinking...

"If one isn't passionate about ones practice, one should quit and find something else to be passionate about. There's little or no benefit to be had from training sporadically,... making less than a committed effort to master the art."

My question/thoughts are as follows:
1. If I can get may lazy butt off the couch, then doesn't that indicate at least a little (maybe alot by the size of my butt) passion for practice?
2. Quitting is an easy habit to form, but one hard to quit...
3. Isn't any training better than no training?
4. I'm a guy don't use the commitment word you'll scare me... How much commitment is required?
5. Is "mastery" the goal?

I am interested in what fellow aikidokas answers to these points are...

Edwin Neal

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