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Re: Poll: Are you ever bored during aikido class?

Don J. Modesto wrote:
...mmm. Hate to disagree with any post bearing that name, but this sounds too pat to me.

It's for a good teacher to focus students on "what's going on." Students can lose this. More advanced students will have the perspective to keep things interesting but this can be spoiled by an anal teacher, too, as in, "That's not what I taught. You're not doing what I demonstrated."
Greetings, Don. Notice that I didn't say that there aren't understandable "reasons" why someone becomes bored. I still think that it really boils down to this... if we're bored, we're not paying attention to what's available. It isn't guaranteed to be interesting, fun, or even understandable at the moment.

For myself, I can't honestly say I can remember ever being bored in my almost sixty years in this lifetime. There's just too much going on that is interesting to me. If there's a boring instructor doing their thing and I choose to be there, I'm going to pay close attention trying to understand how and why they're boring.

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