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Re: Poll: Are you ever bored during aikido class?

Mark Uttech wrote:
"only boring people get bored."
I suspect this, too. It was with some unease, then that I opted for "Yes, I get bored." Caveats follow.

Paige Frazier wrote:
Sometimes working on one thing for an entire class can be a little bit tedious, but i wouldnt really say boring.
Depends on the thing.

What's "one thing"? A technique? A principle?

Chuck Clark wrote:
If we get bored, then we're not paying attention to what's going on...
...mmm. Hate to disagree with any post bearing that name, but this sounds too pat to me.

It's for a good teacher to focus students on "what's going on." Students can lose this. More advanced students will have the perspective to keep things interesting but this can be spoiled by an anal teacher, too, as in, "That's not what I taught. You're not doing what I demonstrated."

Maybe, maybe not.

I'm never bored in classes with Saotome or Shibata, for example. But they go after principles. Test: if people are looking around at each other wondering what the teacher wants because he did several techniques in order to get at his "one thing," the teacher is probably addressing principles rather than just where you put your foot at the beginning of 4HO NAGE.

Don J. Modesto
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