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George S. Ledyard wrote:
Ok, so people were a bit harsh... I certainly apologize for any offense I gave. I do have to say that after reading your post a few times, I still wasn't clear about what you were saying in various parts... I think that's the source of Don's question about whether English is your first language...

People on this forum are generally fairly polite, especially when compared to other places one might hang on the internet, but you have to think clearly about what you want to say or ask because there are quite a few folks who have been around for a number of years and once in a while are less patient than we all ought to be. I wouldn't take it too seriously, though. But if you leave yourself open for some teasing, you'll probably get it... that would be true anyplace I think.Anyway, Aikido is a martial art and it's best not to have too thin a skin, so to speak.

I'd be happy to contribute my own answer to your question if I understood it better. Feel free to explain if you want...
- George
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