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Re: Standards of testing???

1. Should there be documented standardized criterion/requirements for ranks across aikido "associations" ie like everone uses hombu or iwama requirements for example?
Nah, some of the styles are too different. And a change that big is not going to happen. Even if it was a good idea (not necessarily) it is unrealistic to think that it could happen.

2. Do you think your dojo requirements are easy-realistic-bloody hard?
Realistic, at times bloody hard.

3. Could we put up a blog or db on what requirements are a various dojo/organizations?
I've seen a few threads that asked this same thing. Not a great deal fo dojos answered. What are YOUR dojo requirements?

4. Does anyone really care that some schools basically give you a belt for tying your belt properly or just showing up to a minimun number of classes?
Wow, which dojos are those? The belt tying rank is a little far-fetched there sir. And why do you care so much about rank in other dojos? How does it affect YOUR aikido? Maybe you should take some of your ranting energy and apply it to your own training instead of worrying about how everyone else is faring. Aikido is about self growth. And yeah, there are McDojos out there, but what are ya gonna do? It doesn't matter what the trolls think. Do you think O'Sensei would have cared? I think he would have shrugged his shoulders, smiled, and kept training.

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