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Eek! Re: Fight or Quit: there is no choice

There's always a choice. I used to fight, now I don't. I had some fights which I realized I was gonna lose, and probably get bad hurt, so I quit, and went fetal, protected my vitals and lived. Got bruised, but I lived.

Yoda was a puppet. Mr. Miyagi was a fictional character played by a dear and wonderful character actor. I am a human being with bones that break, and skin that tears. Quitting is ALWAYS an option. Has to be that way.

But with every option there's a decision to be made, and consequences to be weighed.

I am willing to die for my family. I can choose, each time it should become necessary to choose, to give up my life to give them time or space to live. I am not willing to die for my stuff. If I decide to fight for my stuff, I might well decide to quit and let my stuff get taken. I'm a thinking, human being.

I am also capable to choose to be responsible for my level of commitment to development. And I can commit to never quit until I've done all I can do without hurting something as best as I can tell in the moment. Or not. I could chose to quit when it gets hard, or when I get tired. And that's what makes training of some value for me. I HAVE to choose to keep going beyond discomfort in order to progress. And I HAVE to decide to do less, and when I do choose to do less, I have to live with my decision.

Having the choice is where the value of the training lives.

Kind of like religion in that respect huh? We can each choose to be decent human beings or not-so-much'ers. And we are each responsible for the decisions, the choices we make.

And making the ones that support growth feel so much harder when we make them, and so much better after the "workout" is over.

Funny thing how Budo is kind of like one of them semiphores for life, huh?
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