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Edwin Neal
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Re: Standards of testing???

True mike, but aikido is Both an individual and a community activity... as you need at a minimum nage and uke...what I am getting at is as the community or Family of aikido should we not have some internal consistency and a certain amount of community awareness... It also seems that if just anyone can call "whatever" they are doing aikido, then isn't the aikido of Osensei gone or tarnished or devalued somehow... again I want to state that I am not ATTACKING anyone... I just think this is a topic that we should discuss without rancor... if everyone understood Osensei's teaching in their own way that implies that some are closer to its truth and some farther from it... i don't BLAME or Demonize anyone for this... but shouldn't we work together to help all of us more clearly refine and understand the teaching... OR should we allow this ART that we all love devolve into something like: AIKIDO IS________ fill in the blank with ANYTHING no matter how absurd or far from the truth of true aikido?
again i am interested in a lively, respectful discussion of this topic...

Edwin Neal

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