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Re: Books/Videos for Beginners

Asking your instructor is good advice (thanks, Don). That said, you might also look at a few books on the library or bookstore shelves to see what might seem familiar to your style. Books are really not the way to learn techniques (particularly since naming conventions vary widely) but they are a good way to get in touch with the thinking and history of Aikido and some of its more influential players, as well as getting to know the differences and similarities between styles (which maybe you should wait a while before attempting). Good books, balanced in content and objectivity, include those by Stanley Pranin, John Stevens, Phong Thong Dang and Mitsugi Saotome. Although sometimes a little more style-specific, it's also a good idea to read what you can by Morihiro Saito, Gozo Shioda, Koichi Tohei, Gaku Homma and any of the Ueshiba family. Have fun, but don't sacrifice mat time for your reading.
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