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Re: Aikido does not work at all in a fight.

Mike Geery wrote:
Is that aikido people do them better because there are more of them practicing the wrist techniques? I have encounted one traditional Japanese jujitsu practicioner in my years of training who knew the move. I use it all the time in bjj. It's great fun. My buddies call it a weak technique, but I just smile and say yeah, but you tapped! : ) My dojo in Tampa is here: Come visit us anytime. Everyone is very cool.

We have a great school, with a lot of good guys. One thing about training bjj that I did encounter is aikido is much more ego--in aikido believe it or not. I think the main reason is the imposed hierarchy in aikido and in bjj it's determined by skill. Don't get me wrong, there is respect for senior students even if they aren't tapping people often, but you know who knows what they're doing based on how they perform on the mat.

Aikido to me seems to ambigous regarding this. Example--4th dans who totally suck, but walk around like they own the world just because they are a yondan.
meh, the ego thing is in all martial arts. it was a BJJ practitioner that posts "Aikido doesn't work in a fight" on an Aikido forum, and doesn't even give his real name. also, calling a foreign technique "weak" is not exactly selfless. let's just give everyone the benefit of the doubt. let's also remember that this is the internet, where everyone's a Shaolin master
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