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Thumbs down Re: breakfalls again, thanks to everyone, btw!

akiy wrote:
[I'm somewhat surprised that there are dojos out there that don't teach breakfalls. Probably means I need to get out more.
we are a very small dojo up here... usually less then 10 people on the mat on any of the 3-4 practice times. (thats per week!)
jun wrote:
During our Sunday class, we also run an "ukemi clinic
can i hire you for an ukemi clinic up here???? :-)


p.s. -- Thanks for all the replys i've been getting. This is something I've been worrying over. Most people in the dojo (all 10 of them!) already know not to throw me unless I ask. Unfortunately, Sensei forgets most often, and he's a hard one to remind (after the fact).

Sometimes I feel like I am diagonally parked in a parallel universe......
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