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Edwin Neal
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Re: Standards of testing???

yeah but there is only one aikido from osensei the different organizations came as a result of personalities and politics for the most part... Am I the only person that finds it ironic that the art of peace and harmony and unity with all of creation is splintered in to Okami knows how many derivation/bastardizations??? like on that thread about seagal he's good but 7th dan ... nah i think he needs a little more practice to fill that hakama! You get guys who take a seminar or get their black belt in 6 months and then the write a book on thier style of aikido and they are suddenly 10th dan wtf???
need for organizations??? we don't need no stinkin organizations ;-)...
how about just a base line standard for shodan?
say we all use one set of minimum requirements that could be added to but not abridged?

any thoughts??? anybody? anybody at all???

Edwin Neal

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