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Jorge Garcia
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Re: Tamura Sensei, 9th Dan?

I hear the phrase "all politics" used frequently. If that is the case, what specifically is "politics". That is such a general term and in fact, is used with a negative connotation. I understand that there is a general standard of time served and service to the particular
organization and to the art. I also understand that there are decisions where some are given the "honor" where better practitioners are not. It may well be that there is abuse of the system by rewarding friends and ignoring those who aren't. I must ask though if we are to doubt everyone with a rank above 3rd? Do we give more respect and honor to high ranking practitioners? If so why? If it's all negative politics, why should have Yamada, Tamura, Saito, Sunadomari, Nishio or anyone even accept any rank above 3rd? Why isn't everyone calling for the abolition of all ranks above 3rd? Are we saying that anyone with a rank above 3rd is just a politician?

"It is the philosophy that gives meaning to the method of training."
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