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Edwin Neal
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Re: Aikido does not work at all in a fight.

thanks mike... i encountered many "aikido" techniques in other arts, but generally aikido schools (not all) do them better more focused more control. Had a shotokan guy showing me how to do nikkyo... i let him twist and do his thing then reversed and gave him the electric nikkyo from hell... he wanted me to teach him wrist locks then... Arnis esp as done by the late Remy Presas had really good wrist locks very aikidoish... and Bjj guys love them once theyve felt them ( please put your forearm across my throat hehe)... lucky me most all of my senseis fight hard and philosophize hard too... i aint afraid of ki balls but i know what strong ki feels like... Remy Presas and his senior instructors have it as does Royce gracie and some of his people... ki is not unique to aikido its in most MA... Tell me more about Tampa and your dojo i like to travel esp if the weathers nice and the dojos good...

Edwin Neal

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