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Edwin Neal
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Re: Grading question advice please

if you ARE performing at that level then you ARE asked to test... so you ARE performing

as to fees ... i understand there are costs for a school, thats okay, but sometimes ... well greedy mcsensei has 36 kyu ranks and most people fail the first time you test for each rank ... etc... etc...
gimme some mo money....

there were no colored belts in "traditional schools" that is an american mcdojo thing... you just wore an obi (belt) you could tell a persons RANK(skill) by the wear on it ie if you practice you get better ...
not a myth just a cute way of saying you have to do the time on the mat (ground) to learn and improve... I love seeing shihan my age at seminars with nice shiny new belts ... my shihan puts on his tattered old black fading to grey belt .... maybe you'll notice the difference one day...

Edwin Neal

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