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Edwin Neal
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Re: Culture of Martial Mediocrity?

Aikido is all about learning to fight... punching kicking locking throwing standing grappling counters counter-counters biting pulling hair etc etc... it is all inclusive, but its not really so much different from other arts what works works...unfortunately alot of mcdojos and mcsenseis water it down or only "get" some obscure part of it... i love the philosophy and all but some folk go off the deep end... so you end up with crappy aikido in lots of places... CHECK your Sensei and his pedigree or lineage carefully!!! if you go to macdonalds dont look for huate cuisine on the menu!!! Aikodo is just fine ... if you find the real deal... you practice as intensely as you and your partners want to... my college classes could be pretty rough, but i was gentle with people who didnt want to play that way... so many of you guys posting seem to be in poor situations... others seem to be getting something a little better... in MA in general any one can claim to be grandmaster of their style and people buy their crap... i have been fortunate my instructors have been close to the source... i wish i could have met and trained with Osensei, but some of my instructors have so again very lucky me... I learn alot from trying other MA doing Arnis with Remy Presas helped my Aikido ALOT (use the flow young jedi...), Royce Gracie helped my Aikido (relaxation!), and there are lots more... beginners who are afraid to hit you and dont know how to "PLAY" ukemi are great they are so genuine in their reactions... good luck keep looking Aikido is out there when you find it you'll FEEL it... just my rant...

Edwin Neal

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