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Edwin Neal
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Re: Grading question advice please

gotta get this in...

as I trained my sensei and senior yudansha watched me... when I was asked to test it was because they saw and felt what I could do and knew... to ask about your testing( when am I gonna be a black belt sensei?) shows that I'm probably more into colored belts than learning... I didnt prepare for months or weeks, or choreagraph a routine... I did the best I could do on the spot... this kind of testing style could be said to be a different tradition... the requirements for shodan or any grade are clearly known and are practiced all the time... the requirements up to 2nd kyu are a little lighter , and the requirements from 2nd kyu up into the dan ranks are more comprehensive... you dont fail tests... they are more a test for YOU to evaluate yourself... you wouldn't be asked to test if sensei and the yudansha didn't think your talents were at that level... no coaches, aikido is not a sport-- except for tomiki stuff but I never did that... to make students test and test and test just to collect testing fees ( some schools do that you know) is wrong... colored belts and ranks are pretty useless anyway each school is different... some use stripes on belt (stupid)... some even do camoflage belts ( gimme a break)... the old way; you start with a white belt, and if you practice long enough and hard enough, then it will turn black and you are a serious student... keep going and it eventually fades and turns white again then you're a master...

Edwin Neal

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