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Saji Jamakin
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Re: Aikido does not work at all in a fight.

Kevin Leavitt wrote:

Study aikido for what it is. If you are really concerned with Scenarios based or reality based training, then you should work on those scenarios and develop strategies that work best for them. Don't waste your time studying aikido cause you will learn alot of principles that, while applicable won't necessarily develop your ability to be good at that "crap shoot" scenario.

Aikido to me is sort of like MBA school. You learn alot of practical theory, but understanding/demonstrating theory...and being able to employ it in the "real world" is a totally different ball that requires experience in the real world...not necessarily the "school house" or dojo.
I think this is true for all martial arts. I speak from a past prospective of training in escrima, Tae Kwon Do and Shaolin Kung Fu. You learn a lot of techniques as well as theories but for specific scenarios you have to develope your own strategies that you will feel comfortable doing in those scenarios...if they ever occur.
Plus I sometimes have to remember why chose Aikido to be the only martial art I will study and then teach to my son.

In using [Aikido] to defend one's self, one is not to do to the attacker whatever one pleases. The presumption is that the attacker is not a bad person to whom anything can be done, but, rather, is a soul who has wandered from The Way. It is the duty of the Aikido practitioner to subdue the attacker without harming him, and to help the attacker back along the True Path.
This is the idea I try to strive for even as a shodokan practitioner. You do not have to win but immobilize with out pain or even neutralize.
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