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Re: Grading question advice please

Just an FYI...

Some organizations/schools do actually fail students for tests...both mudansha tests and yudansha tests. I myself failed my 3rd kyu test at least once. In that organization, even though your instructor may find you ready to test, that in and of itself does not mean you will pass. Even failing a test can be part of the test. Some people fail a test, then train hard every day until the next test and perform accordingly. Others fail the same test, and come in two weeks before the next one and try to cram. The results are usually pretty obvious.

I was actually given a choice. I could have just continued to train and when the local instructor felt I was ready, I would get the rank. Or, I could test again. I told the senior instructor I would be very happy to test again, and that I was unhappy with my performance. I then trained just about every available day until the next test. It went a little better...


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