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Talking Re: Poll: Have you ever questioned why you are training in aikido?

It looks like this question is being approached in a couple of different ways:

In regards to my Aikido training, no, I have never had any doubt at all about whether or not I should be training.

But yes, as I am an introspective person, I certainly have questioned the reasons why I do it (as well as the reasons behind why I do anything, for that matter). Those reasons have generally been the same since the beginning of my training, though my feelings about them have only grown stronger over time. They include a desire to push my limits --- not only towards self-mastery but towards as much of a mastery of the art as I may be capable of. In other words, I wish to take my training as far as it can possibly go. I love the art itself very much: the feeling of the movements, the philosophy behind them and as the opportunity that training gives me to push myself both mentally and physically.

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