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Originally posted by Chocolateuke anyhow, what affiliation are you in Camejo?? I am in Yoshinkan and we are all over stressing importance of a good strong base and poster. yes there are times you need to bend when uke tries to pull you down but it is a good idea to start well balenced and centered so you have a better chance ecicuting a suseccful throw. but my sensi says "relax your arms but be sure they are strong."
My affiliation is Shodokan (aka Tomiki) and I agree perfectly with your sensei's view on relaxed strength.

I constantly tend to find myself saying "back straight, shoulders square, knee bent, hips low" to the beginners in my class, which is how I too had learned (more or less). So I started this thread to find out if anybody else placed such emphasis on the details of body positioning, or if they just practiced techniques over and over and allowed people to get it right whenever (or if ever) they got it.

In my view, a good foundation is pivotal to good technique. When teaching self defence variants of technique I often point this out, as people tend to bend their back trying to get "more power" into their technique, but this also tends to make them very unstable and easy to topple.

With my more senior students I tend to test their posture for pins like ikkyo and stuff by trying really hard to get up or destroy their balance by trying to grab hold of a leg (medium resistance of course).

Am I being paranoid??? I hope not... guess it comes from too many experiences in Judo ne waza after doing bad Aikido techique

Imagine that, doing bad Aikido techique in the early days actually helped to improve my Judo ne waza... how scary

Comments anyone???

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