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Re: Grading question advice please

yudansha test are usually done at gasshuku ie summer camp, and are invite only usually a senior yudansha or shihan lets you know that you will be called. mudansha is usually a scheduled every 6-9 month seminar that is not quite as secretive you know the seminar is comming and if you havent tested in 6-12 months or more you will probably be called. it is as i say more of a recognition of what level you have attained... I never heard of anyone failing if you are asked the sensei thinks thats what your rank should be. you can skip ranks if it has been a while or you really do good. the testing is very broad in the number of waza and includes history, philosophy, jo and bokken, tanto, suwari, in yudansha it is even more of all these and mutlple attackers 2 or 3 simultaneous, and the dreaded "optionals" which is whatever sensei or the board ask for...
and even a teaching skit for yudansha... hope that helps...
oh and the only way not to test is to just not go to summer camp or seminars, but sometimes sensei will just drop the bomb my shihan got his godan that way sensei just announced that the shihan would demonstrate such and such and after wards announced he was promoted... i've seen the same for mudansha also. it is understood that everytime you step on the mat you are being tested... sensei is watching you...

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