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Edwin Neal
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Re: Aikido does not work at all in a fight.

i have used ny aikido very well in fights both street and hard rolling with jujitsu player i find it somewhat more difficult against grapplers as they are usually well trained, but they are usally surprised when i crack a good nikkyo on them from the guard, or reverse them with a sankyo or ikkyo from the guard. The aikido i studied does have ground work and good strikes and kicks. I started in Yoshinkan while in Japan and i still like the backfist to the eyes or nose that Shioda demonstrates in his book, easy to use standing or on the ground. As for ground work chokes and arm bars and entanglements were covered by most of my teachers as they all had backgrounds in judo. Indeed most of my teachers had backgrounds in karate as well...

just had to keep this going we should try to get a challenge fight from this joey... whatsup wanna roll dude???

Edwin Neal

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