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Re: punching video, fast very fast

Bülent Koçak wrote:
Hi Everyone;

I found a video, how fast a person can punch;

this shows how important keeping the distance can be...
It appears to be trademark vingtsun attacks. Multiple attacks from multiple angles at rapid pace. It is part of their core winning strategies.

If you were to clinically break it down, it appears to me to be rapid paced yokomen uchi and gyaku yokomen uchi attacks. In such situation, trying to attempt a typical aikido wrist lock is virtually impossible.

To entertain such attacks, it still boil down to simple and effective response... atemi-waza is still the gold standard. Shomen-ate with proper blocking (Irimi-tsuki for non Tomiki people) and nodo-tsuki (throat spearing) is still my preferred solution.

To successfully carry out the respond, one should not be confused and waylaid by the rapid striking, but to move into the centre (neck or throat) and end the fight.


SHOMEN-ATE (TM), the solution to 90% of aikido and life's problems.
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