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Re: punching video, fast very fast

P.S. also notice that 'uke' in this video keeps his neck exposed - even a person not trained in martial arts is unlikely to be in this posture. It is very natural to hunch the shoulders and hide the neck when threatened. The number of strikes in this combination is ridiculous when they are all delivered to one part of the body (the neck). I'd like to see him use that combination against a boxer - I could just see the boxer ducking smacking the **** out of the attackers ribs (all pointless speculation of course!). Still.... it looks cool.

Also, if you do get hit hard by one punch - believe me, they have plenty time to deliver the second, third and forth punches as you reel around semi-concious.

I'd also say, the worst way to fight is to square up against someone like a sparring match. If you are going to fight, you act passive as if you don't want any trouble - and then you initiate before they get chance to even think of fighting.

Bülent Koçak wrote:
As Ueshiba said; "If you wish to weaken the enemy's sword; Move first, fly in and cut!"

Too much training in the ring conditions us to fighting as an on/off thing. Reading situations and people prior to a fight is far more important.

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