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Re: Fight or Quit: there is no choice

Chuck Clark wrote:
The quip, "Don't quit and don't die" was in answer to someone's question a few years ago. "What's the secret to making it over fifty years of training?" The only real truth I could give is, "don't quit", and then the facetious second part came out. The "truth" is always paradoxical... about anything. To make the journey last over fifty years, the only truth I could give is, "don't quit and don't die".

Its amazing what a little context will do to perceptions! When I first read that "don't quit and don't die" remark I was a little baffled. I think it was a signature Chuck Clark Sensei had for a while.
I decided to chew on the thought and puzzled out my own meaning: "you don't quit, but that doesn't mean that you pursue a bad choice to your own detriment and loss." Kind of like that ikkyo example:
Robert Rumpf wrote:
If I'm trying as hard as I can to do ikkyo (and refuse to quit), than how can I easily switch to kotegaeshi when it will actually work?
(I'm not gonna keep applying the ikkyo if its leaving me open for a counter-attack... I'm going to flow/change direction/continue into the applicable and effective kotegaeshi so that I can save my sorry butt. )

Anyway thanks for the food for thought!

PS) I did make a mini-poster for my classroom to remind me and my students of our choice.
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